WPKB MEDIA refer to as WPKB MEDIA NETWORK is a digital media software company & Broadcast Digital Media Network. WPKB MEDIA produces content and procures content to broadcast across all media platforms. Including but not limited to TV, Radio, and Internet. This includes TV set devices such as Roku, AmazonFireTV, and AppleTV. In addition it provides access via Apple and Andriod (available through GooglePlay) devices with the WPKB Media Network App. WPKB Media Radio further provides access to radio medium include Iheartradio, amazon music, google play among others. This provides a total 360 degree broadcast experience for the end-user as well as the business clients. Lastly, WPKB Media provides access to premium content, streaming access and live broadcast.

A one stop shop for artist and businesses to network and promote there music or business. A network for artist by artist. It covers audio, visual, and digital promotion. It covers virtual and live performances giving you maximium coverage for what you are promoting. Never having a need to be under contract with major label unless you choose too. A pay as you go digital system with all the nuts and bolts under one roof. The future is now. Music will uplift humanity. WPKB MEDIA NETWORK contact@wpkbmedia.com

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